is an experience with a theatrical flavor that wants to boost an artistic vision without borders
and fascinated by creative experimentation.
The dimension in which he wants capture the dancers and the audience is that of the storytelling:
movement and technique at the service of the story and improvisation!


THURSDAY 11 JULY – h 4.30 pm

@ Area Workshop • PRO Studio


Start at 4.30 pm with the 1vs1 preselections, open to a maximum of 30 Dancers;
The preselections will be individual and will take place in showcase mode:
a creative card will be drawn which corresponds to a story and the dancer will interpret it
improvising their own dance without limits of style or artistic discipline.

The jury will choose the best 8, who will enter the Evening at Phase 2 of The Essence.


THE ESSENCE | Fase 2 | Main Event – h 8:30 pm

@ Main Stage • Piazza Spose dei Marinai



The 8 selected Dancers will face a 1vs1 challenge to gain access to the
Foursome Dive (Final round)
a Performance/Creation for 4 where the dancers will interpret together a story narrated live;

the Feeling, the Connection and the Sharing of performers will give life to a Unique and Irreplicable Story:



Thursday 11 July at 4.30 pm will be the 1vs1 preselections
open to a maximum of 30 Dancers;
Registrations to Contest have a cost of € 15.00 per participant and can be made through the On-Line Form

You will find all the details and specific info in the Regulations below

At the end of the evening show we all walk to CalaRomeo at the WHITE PARTY of The Week