is the Artistic Laboratory conducted by Serena SéSé Ballarin, graduated in Sciences of Formation and in Coaching,
in which the key concepts of Storytelling and the techniques for the development of a Theatrical Scene are studied.

An experiential space and time in which the dancer is guided in the Story Dimension, through exercises and improvisations.

The performer trains a 5-point relationship: with himself, the others, the space, the audience and the director.

The laboratory aims to cultivate and deepen the artistic performance of the dancer
in a creation with a theatrical concept that will be staged at THE ESSENCE,

Thursday, July 13 – h 8:30 pm 📍 Teatro Comunale di Cesenatico


  • Monday 10 July – 4:30pm / 6:30pm @ Pro Studio
  • Tuesday 11 July – 4:30pm / 6:30pm @ Pro Studio
  • Wednesday  12 July – 4:30pm / 6:30pm @ Pro Studio
  • Thursday 13 July – 11:00am / 1:00pm @ Teatro Comunale


  • Registration for the Laboratory costs € 159,00
  • The course includes 8 hours of study and a performance at The Essence evening
  • To participate, you must register using the On-Line Form of The Week

“If they had taught me to give a name, a shape, a colour, a sound, a gesture, a dress to emotions.
If they had taught me the art of self-care, of listening and letting it happen, how much more fluid, soft and ironic I would have felt in the face of life’s difficulties.
Thanks Theater. To what you can arouse. Riots.”

“he spiritual dimension is closely linked to the erotic and creative dimension. For this reason the artist will be such only by feeding it.”
#Marina Abramovic